Building a better future for people at work.

Three Good is a workplace employee well-being platform that uses social good and community engagement to reduce employee turnover by mitigating against mental issues, stress, and anxiety in the workplace.


Identify stress indicators ahead of time by getting data on each individual within your workforce. Mitigate mental and emotional risks by having constant bi-weeky or monthly updates sent privately directly to Human Resources. Delivered via Slack.

Three Good - Individual Engagement


Our application uses a voting algorithm that tracks the same values as eNPS, but more personalized to each individual employee. These are meant to supplement your current HCM ERP or Survey system.



Keep a monthly pulse on what social projects your team cares about most. Employees get points for every time they cast their vote for a community service project, and the company gets a chance to match the team’s most popular cause-of-the-month.

Social Good Tracker


Indicate and reward the person(s) that is most active and most positive across the board.

Top Promoter


Gain valuable insights into what your team is voting on and how they are feeling. OUr platform delivers questions and causes to vote on. While on the backend our algorithm computes individual engagement based upon a simple triad of values. Like / Dislike / Ignore.

Three most critical areas of mental stability at work are:

  • CAUSE: Social involvement and Service projects for people and the planet
  • CARE: Personal Relationships, Self Care, and Relational Connectedness
  • CULTURE: A sense of belonging: Inclusion & Diversity

We report on the overall engagement of team in the three most overlooked areas that impact mental wellbeing in the workplace. Get bi-monthly or monthly reports directly delivered as a snapshot on your Slack workspace.

Each month the app delivers a full breakdown of individual mental and emotional wellbeing. Sets monthly growth rates for aggregate team engagement and suggests who should need a followup and whether that should come from HR or directly through admittance into a wellness and/or health benefit program.

Reporting Benefits
The reports allow you to get ahead of issues and recommend EAP’s, wellness programs and/or therapy for each person in your company who may be struggling with early indicators of mental instability.


Follow Up with Therapy Programs and EAP

Our platform is all about identifying risks before they occur. To ensure the safety and general wellbeing of your people and your workplace.

We offer a resource library and integrations to ensure you follow up in a way that is timely, appropriate and effective. We work with therapy/coach platforms and MFT’s to ensure your people are getting plugged into the right EAP’s and getting therapy when needed.

Follow Up with Therapy Programs and EAP

Data Delivered Privately to HR

It’s proven people are never honest when their supervisor is watching. No matter how “transparent’ and open your culture is. That’s why our system is completely confidential and adheres to national privacy laws and standards. The reason platform was designed this way, to increase honesty and engagement by sending directly to HR, not to Supervisors or the Management team.